Tinting Services

Tinting Services are offered here at Nails Glamour.  Whether you want darker, fuller eyebrows or eyelashes or simply want to wake up beautiful and save time in your morning routine, tinting will open up your eyes and give you more definition and thickness!

Lash tinting gives your eyelashes a thick, full look without having to apply mascara daily. If you have light lashes, dying them can give them a more dramatic voluminous appearance without having to apply makeup all the time.

For the men out there who want to emphasize their eyes and facial hair, we can tint your beard, side burns and mustache too.

Our tinting products can last up to three months. Please come and enjoy the difference it can make to your overall appearance.

  • Eyelash Tinting $15
  • Eyebrow Tinting $15
  • Both Eyebrow and Eyelash $25
  • Men’s Side Burns $20
  • Men’s Eyebrows $20
  • Men’s Beard $30 and up depending on hair length