Shellac Gel Polish

Shellac Gel Polish are great for natural nails or acrylic nails.  This type of polish offers a very durable wear which shines for weeks.  Shellac Gel looks great and cures within seconds in a LED Lamp. When the job is complete, you can go immediately without worrying about smudges.  We have a wide selection of colors to meet your preferences.

Shellac Gel Polish with French is also very popular. French Manicure looks elegant for everyday wear as well as special occasions; it also make it easy for dressing since you don’t have to try and match colors.

Gel Polish Change consists of trimming, shaping, and buffing of your nails.  Then finish off with a durable Shellac Gel color of your choice.

  • Gel Polish Change $20
  • Gel Polish Change with French or American $25
  • Kid’s Gel Polish Change $15 (under 10 years old)
  • Kid’s Gel Polish Change with French or American $20 (under 10 years old)