Nails FAQ

Nails FAQ are questions clients often ask us.  These are general questions and answers about nails, waxing, and products.  We just want to answer them the best way we could.

What is Dip Nails?
Dip Nails is a special product and technique to perform nail overlay and nail extensions. This nail system uses a special gel and powder to form a strong coating on top of your nail plate and artificial tips to create nail extensions. No monomer liquid, no odor, light weight, durable, and environmentally friendly. There are various brands on the market that use this dip system.  We carry SNS, Chisel, NuGenesis, Polaris, Apple, ANC, Kiara Sky, Revel, and OPI for assortment of colors.  We now have over 120 colors for your selection!
Why do my nails grow so fast when I wear acrylic?
Your nails are probably growing at the same rate they have always been. They just look like they grow faster because when you have acrylic on, the leading edges of your acrylic nails don’t wear off as easily as your normal nails do. MMA or methyl methacylate is banned in FL, why do salons still use it? Why don’t my nail tech tell me about my toe nail fungus? What are gel nails? How can I enjoy waxing a little more? Is there a way to get all of my hair to regrow back a the same time? Are there any health precautions when getting waxed? What guidelines should I follow to reduce irritation and breakouts after waxing?
MMA Methyl Methacylate, why do salons still use it?
Nail product with MMA is at least 1/3 cheaper than products that contains no MMA. Product with MMA sets really fast, bonds really tight and hard, not easy to remove from nail plate once it is set, easier to work with, that’s why most nail salons love to use them. It is banned because MMA product has some adverse health risks. We don’t use MMA nail products in our salon because it is better for our client’s nails health.
Why don't I know about my nail fungus?
We see a lot of clients who have nail fungus they don’t even know about. Sometimes the techs who work on their nails are afraid to let them know about it because they are afraid that their client will feel offended, or sometimes they just don’t care to tell their clients. We are nail care professionals who care about the health of your nails. If we see nail fungus, we will inform you and offer a treatment suggestions. We want your nails to look great and in the best health they could be.
Does Shellac Gel cause your nails to be thin?
We have seen clients who wear Shellac Gel over a long period of time without severe thinning.  We personally feel the thinning is not caused by the gel, but rather caused by the prepping and removing of the gel product. We have seen most thinning caused by over buffing, and peeling of gels.  We take care to remove gel gently to preserve your natural nails thickness.
How long does your tinting last?
We have long lasting tinting product which lasts typically 6 to 8 weeks.
How long does your eyelash extensions last?
Our strip eyelashes typically lasts about 1 to two weeks.  Our clusters eyelashes last about 2 to 4 weeks and could be refilled if some has fallen off.
What are gel nails?
This is the topic even some nail techs still has confusion. There are so many brands of gel products out there. The one that you might be familiar with might be Shellac, OPI, Gelish, IBD, and a few other ones. However, there are two types of gel that are most commonly used, the “Soak-off Gel” and the “Non Soak-off” kind of gel which is called liquid gels. The Soak-off gels are very popular, often used on your own natural nails, these are put on like a polish and cured in the LED curing light. They typically last about two weeks. The Non Soak-off or Liquid Gel, are used to make nail extensions because they are strong, lightweight, durable, and odorless. Where is the confusion? There is another thing that looks like gel once it is set, they call it “powder gel” because it is just a clear acrylic powder which they apply on your nail with acrylic monomer liquid; this is a misconception among nail techs. They should have told you this is just clear acrylic. Simply this, if it is a powder, then it is not a gel.
How can I make waxing a little more enjoyable?
Everyone’s level of pain tolerance and sensitivity is different. To improve your experience, it is often recommended exfoliating the day before wax. You can prevent sensitivity and minimize redness and swelling by taking an over the counter ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.
How can I get my hair to regrow uniformly?
Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic product that will synchronize your hair regrowth. You could improve your chance by getting waxed on a regular schedule of every three to four weeks. That way your hair will regrow more uniformly and you could enjoy your smooth skin a little bit longer.
Why does first time waxing hurt?
It is a wax-virgin thing. The bulb of a first-timer’s hair is larger than the pore you’re yanking it from. So waxing on a regular basis makes the hair finer and the bulb smaller then you will feel less pain during waxes.
Are there any health precautions when getting waxed?
Some physicians don’t recommend waxing for persons who suffers from diabetes, varicose veins, or poor circulations as they are more susceptible to infection. Waxing is never done on clients using RetinA, Renova, Differin or other types of skin thinning acne medications, etc.  Also, waxing is not recommended for sunburned skin.
Guidelines to reduce irritation and breakouts after waxing?
Avoid the sun immediately after waxing because recently waxed areas are prone to Hyper Pigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun. Avoid exercise, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heated sources, for at least 24 hours. Also do not use exfoliating products such as scrubs; avoid tight clothing because they might cause irritation and ingrown hair.