ANC Nails

ANC Nails is the new trend in nails extensions. These (Amazing Nail Concepts) nails are lightweight, durable, and don’t damage your natural nails. No odor, no chemical, very little filing on your nail plate. This Nails System uses a gel and a special powder formulated to build thickness on top of the artificial tips or your natural nails as an overlay. They are strong, more resilient than acrylic, and feel really comfortable while wearing. For more healthy nails with less drilling, please come and experience the difference today with a set of ANC Nails.

  • ANC Nails Full Set $30
  • ANC White Tips Full Set $30
  • ANC Fill In $25
  • ANC Pink & White Full Set $45
  • ANC Pink only Fill $30
  • ANC Pink & White Fill In $35