Nail Salon Video

Nail Salon Video Presentation of Nails Glamour. We invite you to come in an enjoy your pampering with our nails and beauty services. We provide full nail care services – manicure, pedicure, gel nails, acrylic nails, and anc nails. Our specialty ANC Nails which is a wonderful alternative to traditional acrylic nails is healthy, durable, and environmentally friendly. We also provide strip waxing with warm wax and eyelash extensions. Please come and let our professionals help you look your best and feel like a million dollars today.

Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails

by NuGenesis Colors Dipping Nails. This Nails system is fortified with vitamins for your nails to be healthier. It makes your nails look and feel natural. The color you wear will stay shiny and resistance to chipping and cracking. We now have 24 dipping colors. Please come in and let us help us make your nails look its best!

  • NuGenesis Color Full Set $35
  • NuGenesis Color Fill In $30
  • Color Changing Gel

    Color Changing Gel

    is great for everyday wear. They are fun, playful, yet subtle enough to look professional. These gels wear just like regular gel polish however they react to temperature change of your nails. For instance, the tips of your nails will have a slight difference in temperature than the nail bed, therefore the nail bed and the tips will show two different colors. Color changing gels are fun when your nails are exposed to temperature change while you are in the sun, in the water, or while you are washing your hands. Please come to our salon and experience color changing gel colors today!

  • Polish Change $20
  • Gel Manicure $30
  • Gel Manicure

    Gel Manicure is a wonderful modern day cosmetic beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands.  Our gels are quickly cured in an LED Lamp for  safety and efficiency.  When the process is complete, you don’t have to worry about smudges and the color and shines are durable for weeks.  Our gel manicure service consists of trimming and shaping of your nails, then your cuticle gets some grooming, follows by a hand massage and a warm towel wrap, then finish off with a gel color polish of your choice. We have a great selection of gel colors to fit your preferences.  Gel French or American Manicure looks are also very popular.  Add a Paraffin Wax Treatment and let your hands enjoy deep hydration and relaxation.

    • Gel Manicure $30
    • Gel Manicure with French or American $35
    • Kid’s Shellac Gel Manicure $25 (under 10 years old)
    • Kid’s Shellac Gel French or American Manicure $30 (under 10 years old)
    • Add Paraffin Wax Treatment $8

    Our paraffin wax treatment gives your hands a coat of warm wax with lavender fragrance. Then we put a heated pair of mittens on your hands and let the heat open up your pores for deep absorptions of long lasting moisturizer from the warm wax. This is a relaxing process which has pain relief benefits if you have arthritis pain.